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The knowledge of the unseen of Allah تَعَـٰلَىٰ

Date published: 2 October 2021
Topic: Aqeeda



In Tafseer Bulghatul Hairaan, the deviant sects have written that 'Allah does not know beforehand what his creation would do. Allah comes to know of the doings only after they have done something'. Maaz Allah.


The Ahlus Sunnah Wa Jama'ah belief in this regard is that the knowledge of unseen, which is by Allah Ta'ala, is His Self knowledge and He does not gain it from anyone. This is known as ilm e zaati.


Allah Ta'ala states in The Holy Quran:

'He is Allah, besides whom there is none worthy of worship, the knower of the unseen and the seen. He is Affectionate, The Merciful.'

(Surah Al-Hashar. verse 22)


'Knower of every hidden and open. The greatest. The exalted.'

(Surah Ar' Raad. verse 9)


'The day when Allah will gather The Messengers and say: 'What answer was received by you?'' They will submit: 'We have no knowledge. Surely you are the All-knowing of the unseen'.'

(Surah Al-Ma'ida. verse 109)


To believe that Allah Ta'ala acquires knowledge from anyone is kufr and against The Holy Quran and Haddith.